Dr Bhavini Gohel, Dr. Anil Jain and Dr. Mark Genuis

ICE Health Systems has been developing a partnership with Rotary International throughout the past year. The partnership has been making its way through the various channels and we have recently been informed that the approvals are “in” and that we can begin our project formally, deliver services and build on the original project. The project, which is being led by CHILD foundation, is to provide Primary Preventative care using Electronic Medical Record keeping and Telemedicine services using ICE Health Systems’ services to the town of Sarurpur, India.

Laura Brown

The purpose of this article is to explore Data Warehousing and demonstrate the value of ICE Health Systems (ICE) to healthcare practitioners, clinical administrators and decision makers. Data Warehousing With ICE Health Sytems

Collaboration Sharing Center

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Laura Brown

With the leadership provided by the Collaboration for Health IT (Collaboration), the team at ICE Health Systems (ICE) has created a comprehensive health record system. The objective of the Collaboration is to provide a streamlined workflow that is easy-to-use, thorough, and supports the development of clinical standards internationally. Collaboration Sharing Center A Structured Content Library

Laura Brown

The purpose of this article is to explore the individual and patient management feature of a new health record system, and demonstrate the value of ICE to healthcare practitioners, clinical administrators, and institutional decision makers Individual and Patient Management in Comprehensive Health Records