To date no school has implemented a cloud-based electronic health record. This working group will start the initial shared documentation that will allow each school to successfully implement a cloud EHR.


In addition to developing a cloud-based electronic health record, the members of the Collaboration for Health IT support each other in planning for implementation, implementing, training and in other ways collaborating in the successful implementation and use of the ICE Health Record.


Develop a high-level framework for implementing a cloud-based electronic health record at a school of dentistry. The Advisory Board recognizes that each dental school has specialized needs and that this framework will serve as a foundation of best practices that will support the detailed planning of their implementation of ICE.


Cassandra Callaghan, University of Michigan (co-chair) Jodi Kodish, Nova Southeastern University (co-chair)


One expert in the area of IT project management from up to six schools will comprise the committee.


Additional persons may attend meetings for advice as required.


TBD by the working Group.


The final report is requested by July 1, 2017.


The Working Group should give quarterly updates to the Advisory Board. The Working Group is requested to submit to the Advisory Board a recommended framework that a majority of the members agree upon for adoption. The final report should include the Framework as well as recommendations for next steps.


The Advisory Board for the Collaboration for Health IT approved this charge on November 1, 2016. The co-chairs were changed on February 7, 2017.