To support improvements in patient care and clinical research the Patient Care Deans Working Group will guide the design and programming of the patient care user experience that will be used across all Collaboration institutions.


Two of the strategic goals for the Collaboration for Health Information Technology (Collaboration) are:

  • prioritize feature and functionality requests, product integrations, etc.
  • promote standards for all collaboration members and beyond

The patient care deans are the “gatekeepers” for patient care activities at their institution. Numerous other working groups are making recommendations for functions that will impact the work performed by student and faculty patient care providers. These recommendations need to align into a single high-quality user experience.


For the ICE Health Systems electronic health record (EHR), the Patient Care Deans Working Group should:

  • Design and agree upon a single treatment planning interface
  • Design and agree upon a single approval system interface
  • Review the patient care recommendations of other working groups to ensure that they align to form a quality clinical user experience.
  • Advise ICE and the Advisory Board on patient care related module priorities.


Steve Stefanac, University of Michigan


One patient care dean from up to six schools and non-voting liaison(s) from ICE Health Systems will comprise the working group.


One hour every two weeks.


The Advisory Board recognizes that the work of the Patient Care Deans Working Group is long term in nature. Consequently, no time frame to complete work is set.


The Working Group should give quarterly updates to the Advisory Board. Reports should also include recommendations for next steps.


The Collaboration for Health IT approved this charge on October 17, 2016.