Two of the strategic goals for the Collaboration for Health IT are:

  1. Maintain a modern and easy-to-use interface
  2. Embrace Standards to Support Research.

In order to support the accurate and efficient recording of periodontal information about a patient, as well as to support research to improve patient health, a single method of entering periodontal information for use in all collaborating institutions is required. In order to promote improve oral health research, periodontal information needs to be easily recorded by health care providers as well as be aligned with the other components of the health record.


The Advisory Board charges that a working committee made up of representatives from each of the Founding Member dental schools (Universities at Michigan, North Carolina and Pittsburgh) and a representative from a potential Early Adopter Dental School (Mississippi) will agree upon a single periodontal chart and other periodontal representation that ICE Health Systems will program for the ICE electronic health record (EHR). This interface will then be used across all Collaboration institutions.

It is the responsibility of the committee to determine working methods (minutes, report format, etc.) and leadership. An initial chair is suggested by the Advisory Board, Suncica Travan, to convene the committee meeting.

The committee is requested to submit to the Advisory Board a recommendation that a majority of the members agree upon for adoption. The Advisory Board will resolve any technical issues that might arise.

We request that quarterly updates are made to the Advisory Board through the chair and that final recommendations be made by December 31, 2016. These recommendations can include suggestions for further improvements.