One of the strategic goals for the Collaboration for Health IT is: Embrace Standards to Support Research and Encourage Data Sharing for Research.

A number of research topics may be of interest to the ICE community. A few include:

  • Convert data cemeteries into sources of knowledge
  • Embracing the Learning Health System
  • Research as part of the EHR fabric
  • Participation of students and staff in addition to academics in research activities
  • Continuum between discovery research and routine QI
  • Support for translational research
  • Access to data without IT help
  • Creating a clinical trials-friendly environment to attract industry and federal funds


The Advisory Board charges that a working committee made up of representatives with an interest in research (Universities at Michigan and Sydney) consult with representatives from NIH and agree upon a initial research focus. This focus will be presented to the Advisory Board as a recommendation for the Collaboration for Health IT’s initial research project.

It is the responsibility of the committee to determine working methods (minutes, report format, etc.) and leadership. An initial chair is suggested by the Advisory Board, Heiko Spallek, to convene the first committee meeting.

The committee is requested to submit to the Advisory Board a recommendation that a majority of the members agree upon for adoption. The Advisory Board will resolve any technical issues that might arise.

We request that quarterly updates are made to the Advisory Board through that institution’s Advisory Board representative and that final recommendations be made by December 31, 2016.

Committee Members

One expert in the area of research or clinical research will comprise the committee. This representative is responsible for communicating the opinion of the institution, is authorized to vote on behalf of the institution, and is responsible for supporting and implementing that standard in their home institution.