Advanced Remote Clinical Mentoring for Oral Health Professionals (ArcMohp) / TeleHealth


Execute and evaluate proof of concept pilots using a standardized process with validated instrument.


One of the strategic goals of the Collaboration for Health IT is – Education

Dentists have the legal right to practice a wide scope of services. However, there is increasingly insufficient time in dental school to ensure competence throughout a full scope of practice as well as restrictions on access to a wide variety of patient cases that reflect contemporary dentistry. Expanding the primary education of dentists (e.g. 5th year of dental school) is not economically feasible given the already staggering cost of dental education and the resulting indebtedness of graduates. Advanced Mentoring Services for professionals in practice allows them to safely increase clinical capacity (expanding scope of practice) under mentorship of a clinical educator while earning an income through treating patients offsetting educational costs. At the same time it reduces the burden on educators to secure suitable patient cases and clinical facilities. Cloud-based EHR technology allows to facilitate the educational process mimicking the highly supervised dental school experience through video conferencing, document sharing, live case reviews, live clinical supervision, sharing of patient records for review, high-resolution image sharing, etc.


  • Bring forward the operational project of utilizing technology to provide coaching, training/education and supervision of students and licensed professionals via distance.
  • Measure the improved quality of oral healthcare through the use of cloud technology for training and support of professionals using a standardized process with the help of validated instruments
  • Assess if the learning of clinical skills in various practice settings independent of location without compromising the quality of care or violating the privacy of the patients is technically and economically feasible


Heiko Spallek, University of Sydney


One expert in the area of telehealth / remote mentoring from six schools and ICE Health Systems will comprise the working group and other invited parties involved in the assessment.


Additional persons may attend meetings for advice as required.


TBD by the Working Group.


The Advisory Board recognizes that the work of the Advanced Remote Clinical Mentoring for Oral Health Professionals (ArcMohp) / TeleHealth Working Group is investigator in nature and thus long term. Consequently, no time frame to complete work is set.


The Working Group should give quarterly updates to the Advisory Board. The final report should also include recommendations for next steps.


The Collaboration for Health IT approved this charge on November 8, 2016.